Appropriate for:

  • U.S. Hospital Business Development Executives
  • U.S. International Patient Services Team Members
  • U.S. Ambulatory Surgery Center Business Executives
  • U.S. Physicians and Surgeons
  • Regional and City Tourism Directors


Interactive Educational Workshop

Duration: 3-4 hours

May be adapted for a 30-60 minute lecture or 90-minute breakout session with fewer learning objectives

Ideal Audience Size: 20-40 participants

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Session Description:

In this session, Maria Todd addresses critical issues that healthcare executives, physicians, surgeons and managers need to know in order to prepare for contracts with third-party payers for medical travel services.

In the first part of the workshop, maria focuses on domestic medical travel benefit programs that are gaining traction in the USA. These business transactions are following a path of “disintermediation” whereby providers and self-insured employers, unions, TPAs, integrated health delivery systems and Centers of Excellence within the USA collaborate and negotiate outside the typical local health market PPO or HMO.

In the second part of the workshop, she elaborates about some of the issues associated with contracting for medical travel paid by employers, public health and insurers outside the USA seeking services from U.S. healthcare providers.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how these contracts are structured, what elements are critical and how they should be worded
  • Learn about bundled payments formulation and how to build inpatient and outpatient case rates that are very different from the CMS Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative
  • Learn how to protect your self and reduce financial risk for untoward events during surgery or perioperative complications that could obliterate any profit margin you might gain in a bundled case rate.
  • Understand the other side’s concerns – ERISA fiduciary liability, union negotiation issues for health benefits, cost containment, and plan expense transparency where you can leverage insight from this workshop into better targeted negotiation strategies for your organization.
  • Understand how to use population health data and predictive modeling tools to ascertain just how large (or small) the business opportunity may be so you can set relevant discount terms for steered volumes.
  • Understand the risk exposures and liability issues
  • Learn how to weave in (and get paid for) telehealth services for medical travel cases (both pre-arrival and post-operative)
  • Take home the new ideas to get paid for implants, high cost drugs and supplies when negotiating predictable, all-inclusive case rates
  • Learn how to address step down care (sub acute), home /hotel care,  DME supplies and equipment, PT/OT and take home medications needed during local recuperation at hotels
  • Learn how to account for and arrange ground transfer services, arrival and departure coordination, and other loose ends and build them into your case rates

What’s Included:

You’ll leave this session with a clear path, a structured approach, and real-word steps you can take to prepare as soon as you get back to your office.

Participants will leave with a helpful checklist and downloadable e-book created just for your event filled with practical tools, tips and supplemental articles on the topic by Maria Todd.  These materials will help participants to better prepare for this lucrative but challenging business development opportunity. Even if you never intend to contract with payers outside the USA, you’ll benefit from this session.

About the Workshop Leader

Maria Todd is the CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, in Denver, Colorado.

She is the author of 15 internationally-published business process books including, the Managed Care Contracting Handbook, Physician Integration & Alignment, The Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development, and The Employer’s Guide to Medical Tourism Benefit Design.

She has worked on the insurer side as a contracting director, the medical tourism program development side for hundreds of hospitals and clinics on five continents, and as a hospital and ASC executive and managed care analyst and negotiator advocating for better rates and relationships between the parties. She has trained thousands of American hospital and clinic negotiators, IPAs, PHOs and ACOs through her HFMA and Managed Care Institute seminars and master classes. She’s a globally recognized authority on contracting with ERISA employers, unions, healthcare purchasing coalitions, HMOs and PPOs and insurers and public health programs in the USA and abroad.

Maria brings hands-on clinical, health law, insurance and travel industry background spanning 35 years. In 2010, she was granted a trademark registration from the US Patient and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the first Globally Integrated Health Delivery System®.

MHI’s Mercury Health Travel  subsidiary operates the only such Globally Integrated Health Delivery System® in the world.

The system is used to support medical travel benefit administration for Mercury’s corporate medical travel clients.

Mercury Health Travel manages the entire case management process, coordinates all medical travel logistics, bundled payment claims administration and provider fee settlement, clinical and financial outcomes measurement and reporting, and all travel planning for self-insured corporate clients, unions, and Mercury’s healthcare purchasing coalition for freelancers and consultants.  The network is comprised of inspected and Approved healthcare facilities, and Approved medical, dental and other healthcare providers in 106 countries.


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