Through our blog articles, we share insights that help visitors, clients and followers grow and promote their health and wellness tourism businesses.

Even if you’ve hired consultants to help you in the past, every situation and every brand will have some unique challenge.  You’ll risk nothing but the little bit of time it takes to read some of the insights we share here. Inspiration for our blog articles and case studies along with the facts, statistics and lessons learned that we share are gathered from the real life problems we’ve solved for others.

No matter how little time you have to invest each day, make it a habit to visit our website often.  

There’s always something new here.  We publish new articles several times each week, when time permits.  When you browse our blog, you’ll discover helpful workarounds and solutions to problems you didn’t expect. You’ll also discover explanations to understand why tactics that you implemented may not have produced the results you expected. You’ll find lessons, checklists, white papers, case studies, videos, and training opportunities we offer from time to time around the world.  We won’t ask you to give us your email address, we won’t send you emails to fill your inbox.  We offer a subscription (that’s available at no cost) to the Center for Health Tourism Strategy newsletter if that’s how you like to consume content. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, where we post updates about the articles we published here.

Even if you don’t have a big budget to hire us, you are most welcome to partake of the helpful tools, tips and tactics we share here without obligation or cost.

We don’t ask you to pay a membership fee, buy certifications, or rent stands at a conference, or do anything that costs money.  That’s not the business model we’ve chosen. Instead, we’ve chosen to keep things simple, low cost and straightfoward. And our clients and followers love us for it. There’s no ulterior motive here.  After your courtesy chat, we charge for the time we spend time in careful consideration of your situation, the time to gather and interpret data, and to develop a custom-tailored action plan we’ll recommend.

If we don’t think we can offer value or if we believe we are too busy with existing projects to give your project the respect and time it requires to produce the results you want to achieve, we’ll decline. We’ve learned that we can’t help everyone. That’s why we blog and share. It is the best alternative we can offer even if we can’t accept your project right away. 

Most of our readers are hospital executives, clinic owners, doctors, and dentists, hoteliers, investors or entrepreneurs.  

Many of our clients are established in “healthcare” or “hospitality” and are experts at what they do. But when it comes to medical tourism, most are startups or within the first 2-3 years of launch.  That’s fine.

You don’t need to spend money to benefit from a daily visit here.

Make a habit of visiting us each day to see what we’ve added. Doing so doesn’t cost as much as buying a daily newspaper.

If you are a lark, like most of us, visit while you sip a cup of coffee or tea and get into your daily groove. Some of you are night owls and we notice that you check in shortly before turning in for the night.  Rest well! Some of you visit on mobile devices and tablets while commuting to work.  Therefore, we’ve optimized our articles and website to be mobile and tablet friendly.  We publish at all hours of the day but mostly, we publish weekdays and early in the morning in Denver.  

All our consulting projects in our firm flow through our CEO, Dr. Maria Todd. She is a globally recognized authority on medical tourism and loves writing, teaching, and sharing. Many of the blog articles on our website are published under her by-line. If you are looking for an article on a particular medical tourism topic, try searching her name and your topic keyword first. You are likely to find what you are looking for.

Call us when you need us. We’ve been answering the phones and helping clients grow their medical tourism business for more than 35 years.

Naturally, we hope that when you do have a problem and a budget to hire help to solve it, that you’ll come to trust us and give us a chance to help you.


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