Health tourism is a complex, hybrid product made up of destination health and hospitality services and care coordination designed to delight medical travelers and their companions.

Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of ambitious and extraordinary clients to grow and scale their unique game-changing medical, dental, rehabilitation and wellness businesses.

80 percent of these clients are still active.

Health tourism is an experiential product that offers an unforgettable visitor experience. It is produced  by combining carefully coordinated travel to a destination, an opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of its people, its culture and its history, the rest and rejuvenation of its accommodations, the unique flavors and recipes of local and regional gastronomy, and the precision and compassion its health services providers working collaboratively. Together, they produce the elements to create a unique visitor experience and story-telling value that will be shared for generations.” — Dr. Maria Todd, founder and CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, and author of the Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development.

The opportunity

For the health and wellness tourism industry stakeholders, there is no limit to the innovations, creativity and market penetration strategies one can create to develop a unique product and a brand of health and wellness tourism. The late Peter Drucker said in The Practice of Management that “If we want to know what a business is, we have to start with its purpose. And the purpose must lie outside the business itself. In fact, it must lie in society, since a business enterprise is an organ of society. There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.”

Who we are

Global Health Sources is an an international network of relevant partners, investors and mentors in their industry. After you have completed the initial training and preparation for your entry into the business of health and wellness tourism, we help you to pitch investors, meet, interview and contract with referral partners, and connect you with others who will help you grow your business.

Our clients

Our clients include health and wellness tourism suppliers, investors, entrepreneurs, insurers and governments.  They believe that delighted customers who return home with a memorable and compelling story about their experience doing business with our clients serve as the least expensive, most valuable organic influencer and rise above any accreditation, certification or endorsement one can buy with a check.

Our past and current global health & medical tourism projects


    • Tailored mentorship and coaching
    • Corporate partner connections
    • Professional skills training
    • Masterclasses
    • Referral influencer connections
    • Insurance and employer connections
    • Marketing and branding strategies
    • Discounts on business services
    • Fam tour coordination and industry events

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